Lal Kitab


 I am getting many queries, mails and letters from different persons requesting to share some Lal Kitab Remedies for getting wealth/money and for getting favor of destiny.
Although remedies are suggested looking at individual’s horoscope and various combinations but still with an objective to help all people, through this post, I am sharing some useful Lal Kitab Remedies which could be done for getting the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. The only requirement is that you should do this remedy with full faith and devotion.
You can visit my website also for knowing some more remedies for different purposes.
1. Whenever possible offer two balls/peda of wheat flour colored with turmeric to a cow with jaggery and wet Chana daal/ Split chickpeas on Thursday.
2. Offer jaggery plus wheat flour to a bull on Sunday to get favors in job or to get promotional opportunities.
3. Offer water to rising sun for getting over the obstacles in government job
4. Offer water to a peepal (also called as bo tree). On Saturday offer milk and sugar mixed water to Peepal tree. Lit a lamp (diya) in mustard oil before the tree in the evening of Saturday.
5. Offer wheat flour balls to fish on Monday or Wednesday. Destiny will surely start favoring you.
6. Whenever you are going for an important work, establish a water-filled pot in your temple or pooja room and bow before it and pray to God to make your venture successful. Have curd and sugar.
7. At least once in a month, donate some money to a Eunuch and a Sweeper according to your budget. It will help in reducing negative energy also from your Aura.
8. Try to give first chapati you cooked in your house to a cow. The last chapatti should be offered to crow and dog in equal proportion or if crow is not available it could be offered to a dog. This will improve Venus, Saturn and Ketu in your horoscope.
                                     “Hari Om Tat Sat”
“Jai Shree Krishna”
 Acharya Vikas Malhotra
Astrologer, Numerologist and Spiritual Healer

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